As you can see, we've introduced some changes recently.
The "detox" project has been closed! We were too much associated with the album "Pripyat", which pretty much restricted our actions.
As HavOX we are keeping working on our album "Therapy 2" (the working title). As far as this project is concerned, we have much of the material already recorded.
The another change is the squad of the project. We decided to stay completely anonymous to emphasize what is the most important to us - music itself with no redundant halos.
We added a few new items in the "DOWNLOAD" section, including the new version of the album "Pripyat" with cleaned and corrected track "Valery Drugovskoy's room".

And the last thing: FUCK ACTA!
feel free to use any of our tracks available for your own projects.
however, we would appreciate it if you could let us know about your plans and send us an email havoxpl@gmail.com
and also don't forget to mention the HavOX in the credits - thanks!

Something for you: File 04 - "Close Your Eyes" (2012 from "Therapy 2" session)

We are very glad with your opinions and interest in our album "Therapy - Seclusion". Thank you so much for all the words! And the day came when we can confirm what some of you were guessing. We started working on our new album. This will be continuation of "Therapy" idea. We are moving through the darkest parts of our minds. A few surprises will occur there as well. We are very excited about this project!

The release of "therapy : seclusion" has come!
We are giving the fruit of our nearly-2-year efforts. The sounds of our darkest sides.
What do we want for exchange? A few words on the new album from you.
Visit THERAPY for more details

We already know the name of the new album!
We already know the release date!
We already know everything!
22 of January, 2011 the album of HavOX band "THERAPY: SECLUSION" will see the light of day.
The album will be set in the dark climate of ambient.
We're starting to count down!